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This website is dedicated to the memory of Charles "Chuck" E. Wood

The 'Memories of Auburn' was the brainchild of Charles "Chuck" E. Wood who was born in Auburn, KY in 1936. In 2001 he commenced his work in developing "Auburn Memories" which he continued until his death in 2006.

Charles through his kind and trusted friend Roger "Dodger" Hollins indicated his wish to continue what he had started for the future prosperity of the inhabitants of Auburn. Living away from Auburn himself, he felt that there was no better way to keep the exiles of Auburn informed than through the Internet.

I promised Charles Wood, at his request, several months before he passed away, that I would spare no effort in keeping this site up and running as long as I was able to do so.

This Website is dedicated to the memory of Charles 'Chuck' E. Wood (1936-2006)

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Your assistance in keeping this website up and running will be greatly appreciated. We are thankful for those who contributed in 2010, but we would like others to share the load. A contribution of as little as $5.00 or $10.00 on an annual basis will help defray the costs.

At the present time we have only four contributors and it is unfair to these people to carry the load for everyone.

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An appeal by the late Charles E 'Chuck' Wood

"This site has been a labor of love and I've enjoyed every moment that I've spent building it.  Probably the biggest pleasure I've received has, becoming re-acquainted with many old friends and acquainted with many new friends with roots in Auburn and Logan County.

At Yahoo-Geocities, the host of this site, 15 megabytes of disk space is offered for free if you allow advertising on the site, and that's how we started.  In less than six months we passed the 15 megabyte mark and it started costing and, by then, I was so caught up in the activity and the positive reactions I was getting on this project, I paid no thought to the minor cost and allowed them to charge my debit card.    Early in 2002 we passed the 25 megabyte mark and the price went up again and it's now costing $11.95 a month.    

Those wanting to contribute to the maintenance of this site should mail a check payable to Auburn Memories"

That was Then - back in 2002-2003


Scroll Forward to 2009-2010

Those of you who follow Auburn Memories will note that in the fall of 2009 the website closed down for a lack of support. Please don't let this happen again - a combination or many small contributions will make all the difference in keeping it alive. At that time Auburn Memories carried pictures of people and places only. I promised Charles Wood, at his request, several months before he passed away, that I would spare no effort in keeping this site up and running as long as I was able to. Today we have expanded this by combining two websites; and to bring, not only pictures, but a combination of history and pictures. Furthermore, we have started to include the local cemeteries (including monument pictures) and the Auburn High School yearbooks. This is a continual 'work in progress' that will not only take time, but oodles of megabytes.

We are very grateful to those who have contributed including one of the Auburn High School Classes. Their contribution will help towards defraying some of the costs of maintaining this site.

Thanking you
Dermot Foley


Downtown Auburn, KY from the air (circa 1955)





On the left is the old Auburn (Cumberland Presbyterian) Seminary which was built in the 19th Century.  It later became the Auburn School and eventually the elementary school.  Center is the Auburn High School built in 1936 and later torn down in the 1980's.  On the right is the gym which had the same fate as the high school.  The above photo is available, beautifully framed, at Cox's Variety Store in Auburn.

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